Agile Services

We offer a range of services to help you make the most of Agile ways of working. Read on to discover a selection of our offerings, or contact us for a chat today to see how we can help make Agile work for you with our New Zealand based team.

Scrum Master coaching + mentoring

Get support and advice from experienced Scrum Masters – discover a range of techniques that can help your advance your Scrum skills, and help guide your teams and organisations to success with Scrum

Product owner coaching + mentoring

Do the right thing, do the right thing well, and get support while doing it. Product ownership has a lot of challenges, so learn from our experience about what may or may not work, and maximise the value of your work from day one

Agile health checks

Figure out how things are going now, do more of the good and figure out how to adapt or improve the challenges to get the results you are after, with pragmatic advice on how to make it work in your organisation

Agile transformation guidance and support

Get tailored guidance and support from where you are now, to where you want to get to, with a simple plan that is delivered in an Agile way, with feedback and guidance along the way

On demand Agile coaching services

Looking for some support to keep things moving? Get a coach on demand to help you with those hurdles and give you a new perspective on how things are going and how to keep improving

Agile / Scrum team coaching + mentoring

Give your teams the support they deserve, and help focus on doing the right thing and doing the right thing well with pragmatic support that is tailored for your team

Scaled Agile coaching + support

Make the most of Scaled Agile, and get guidance from folks who have worked with 500 team organisations around the world, and apply that wisdom and experience to enable SAFe to best work for you

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