Serena C – Professional Scrum Master

I attended the Professional Scrum Master course, going in with a healthy dose of skepticism and wariness: lots of these courses are nothing more than glorified repetitions of pre-existing written content with no added value, while others are self-referential monologues on why they are the ones hosting the course and you should just be grateful to basking in their enlightening presence. I am stoked to report that this course fell in a rare third category, the one where courses are practical, add tangible value, and are run passionately by people (Jacob) who have extensive knowledge, and experience.

Jacob set the tone for an engaging 2 day course where we actually did the work, beyond just learning the fundamentals (which anyone can read from the website) and taught us something even more valuable: how to use this method to navigate uncertainty and be comfortable with being adaptive to change. Which is what agile is all about, right?